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social media advertising

Reach your target audience with Facebook ads, Instagram ads and LinkedIn ads!

A solid social media advertising strategy can help you achieve your business objectives. Real estate agents can benefit greatly from reaching the huge audience social media provides to attract and convert new clients.

Social media advertising works. If done correctly!

An effective strategy is essential to implementing social media advertising that works. By taking the time to understand your brand, we can help you reach your ideal target market on the channels most relevant to them.  

Why spend money on print advertising with no real measurement of whether it's working or not? Social media advertising is a targeted and highly measurable form of advertising - essential to any marketing strategy.


From strategy to execution we can help you develop creative ads, define your objectives, set up targets, define your budget and optimise your social media ads for return on investment.

HOW CAN social media advertising HELP YOU GROW YOUR BUSINESS?

Reach an audience on the most widely used platforms in the world

Utilise one of the most cost effective, measurable advertising platforms available

Reach people in through mobile marketing

Tap into one of the most sophisticated advertising platforms

Access the extensive consumer data available through social media channels

Create various ad types from video to lead generation to messenger ads

HOW CAN WE HELP YOU WITH social media advertising?

copypaste specialises in social media advertising for property professionals – meaning we truly understand your business and customers' needs. We create advertising that captures attention and delivers return on investment.

We tailor a strategy for your business objectives and focus

Decipher the best platform for your ads: Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn

Help you define and set up audiences on the relevant platforms

Define your objectives for ads based on your business goals

Create a campaign brief that outlines your objectives and the details of the campaign


Create powerful ad copy and creative that grabs attention

Test various ad creative, copy and audiences to get the best results

Optimise and monitor your ads for the best return on investment and conversion

Report on results and consult on ongoing strategy and direction


copypaste has a range of cost effective social media packages to help you bring your brand’s story to life. We can also provide a bespoke solution tailored to suit your individual needs.

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